Marsha Gay Reynolds

Home Healthcare Director

New York, New York

As a Managing Director of a home healthcare agency in New York, Marsha Gay Reynolds utilizes her extensive knowledge and expertise gained from her Master’s in Public Health degree from New York University. She actively promotes a culture of diversity, inclusion, and allyship within her organization, ensuring that all employees receive fair treatment and feel respected. Marsha’s unwavering commitment to these values fosters a positive and welcoming work environment. It results in better patient care and outcomes. Under her guidance, the home healthcare agency continues to grow and thrive, emphasizing providing high-quality care to those in need.

Marsha Gay Reynolds

Marsha Gay Reynolds, a leader in the home care industry, is on a mission to create a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. A graduate of St. Catherine High School in the Bronx, New York, Marsha earned her Masters in Public Health from New York University, where she also showcased her athleticism as a track runner. Building on her education, she delved into project management, contributing articles on effective project planning.

Her influence extends beyond the boardroom, making waves in various publications like,, and the NY Post. Marsha’s commitment to inclusive leadership is evident as she actively seeks diverse perspectives to understand better and address the challenges marginalized groups face. She uses her influence to advocate for those with limited opportunities, fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued.

In the wake of the pandemic, Marsha demonstrated her commitment to community service by volunteering to distribute PPE in underprivileged communities. Her team’s efforts included donating over 8,000 shoes to two churches, exemplifying her dedication to supporting those in need. Regularly found at shelters and food pantries and mentoring local youths, Marsha collaborates with The American Red Cross to impact NYC positively, providing access to goods, services, and improved healthcare opportunities.

In 2021, Marsha significantly impacted the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, where she participated in the COVID-19 vaccination efforts as a healthcare worker. Her collaboration with healthcare officials led to the administration of over 647,000 vaccinations, marking her contribution to the country’s largest COVID-19 mass vaccination site. This experience not only saved lives but also opened doors for Marsha to advance her career in the home healthcare industry.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Marsha passionately advocates for renewable energy sources. Believing in the importance of investing in clean technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming, she actively supports government policies promoting the development and use of renewable energy.

Marsha’s impact extends far beyond her clinical skills. As a mentor, she instills hope and guidance in the next generation of healthcare professionals. As an advocate, she tirelessly challenges inequities and fights for a more equitable landscape within the industry. Ultimately, Marsha’s unwavering dedication to excellence and inclusivity leaves an indelible mark not just on her patients’ lives but on the home healthcare field’s very reputation.